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Case Insertion Error Detection for users of VFD/Auto-Drives

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So, a while back, I posted this video:

People were asking what the switch was, to which I replied "It's checking for case insertion issues", which do happen from time to time. A bit after posting the video, a case fell out, rolled around, and farked the switch lever. I ripped off the switch, knowing it wasn't going to work in the long run.

So, always seeking to build a better mouse trap, I came up with this, which has been working outstandingly.


I thought I would share for anyone else who is using an auto-drive with VFD.

It's just a simple continuity check. The press is grounded, and if the error detection circuit is completed by any part of the case touching the spring, the VFD stops.

I need to find some sort of nicer looking connector to replace the ugly solder joint.

Yes, I could have used a smaller gauge wire, but this wire was handy and I have a bunch of it.

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