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bolt not moving


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Carrier is not moving at all , gun was shooting fine last week .

Check the following:

Gas key on bolt carrier. Screws should be tight, no movement of the key.

Gas rings. Bolt in un-locked position should support the weight of the carrier when stood on bolt

Gas block. If adjustable, ensure it is adjusted/functioning properly.

If all of the above checks out, your gas block is probably mis-aligned with the port in the barrel. Remove handguard, re-align block and re-install (assuming set-screw type).

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I have seen a primer in the gas key stop up an AR.

+1. Had this happen to a guy at an LE training class. Everybody was at a loss until somebody looked in the gas key. How it shot in there is anybody's guess, but the gas tube stuffed it all the way to the cross-hole. I wouldn't have believed the story if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes :)

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