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Berrys hollow base bullet questions.


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I have used berrys hollow point and round nose 124gr bullets W/ good results. Whats been your experience with the flat point hollow base bullets 124gr ?

Can i keep the same die settings and just keep loading or do i need to change things. (i dont want to change settings)

Do they seem more accurate?

what other benefits am i missing or not?


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My oal is different for the rn and fp. Fp had to be loaded much shorter to successfully pass the plunk test. I have used both.

They are plated thicker than there standard plated bullets and they call them tough plated.

The hollow base is longer than the standard plated and I use the same oal for both so loading for I change nothing and have the exact same chrono results for both. The hollow base bullets have a longer bearing surface and seams to stabilize the bullets better giving better accuracy. The hbrn is one of the most accurate 9mm bullet for me.

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