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bartta vertec hammer spring help


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just acquired another vertec. need a "d" model hammer spring

tried all the usual places



if any 1 has 2 to spare can u sell them to me please.

OR send me to a dealer that has both the 16# &18# d model to buy.

a guy that used to work at baretta did my 2 previous guns and they are sweet. he is in the wind now so don't know where to go



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thenks for the help. it worked out

f.y.i.on olasso

emailed him 3 times. I usually will not do business w/people who cant be bothered by people with money to spend on the phone. I was desperate so I mailed. glad I didn't sit buy the computer. still waiting.

meantime the guy who tuned my other 2 vertec's (Earnie Langdon) called me hear I needed help. sent the parts pelone"""" (free) in border Spanish.

wont bother the other guy again.


p.s. also bought them form wolf before earnie called.

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