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I've got a new TS....shot my first match Saturday.

I'm shooting 165gr Berry's plated bullets 1.125-1.130" lengths. I'm using the extended basepads, 10 coil spring and CZC follower and loading 20 rounds per mag.

During my last stage, I had several episodes where I didn't go fully back into battery and had to give the slide a bump forward with my hand. After the stage, I realized that the bullets were not smoothly advancing up the magazine. I know there was a bit of dirt/dust down in the mag after I dropped it in an earlier stage -- not sure if that bound up the magazine. I think the mag spring just wasn't pushing the bullet up high enough to raise the nose of the bullet and it was nose-diving.

My other thought was that maybe the extended basepad was hitting the mag well and not seating all the way. I ground it down a bit when I got home.

I think that bullet length is appropriate for CZ pistols....


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OP, there are only three things that I know of that causes nosedives.

1. Too weak of a spring.

2. Dirty magazine.

3. Broken or poorly designed follower.

IMHO, your issue is problem number 2.

With a clean magazine, how is the spring tension? If it still feels week, these may help.


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I really think it was a dirty mag. Sadly, I haven't shot another match or been to the range yet.

Why is it that sometimes you can hear a bullet rattling "loose" inside the magazine? It's only at very specific points, like when 20 bullets are loaded, but not with 19? I assume it's just an odd space where one particular round isn't fully compressed by the spring.

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When I had to bump my slide forward it was beacause my COL was too long and the bullets were hitting the rifling. In addition to that the dirty mags I also noticed werean issue.

Have you taken the barrel out of the gun and pressed the rounds into the chamber to check they fall right back out when you turn the barrel upside down?

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