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STI Trojan "Issue"


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OK, So I bought a set of sights, that happed to come with a new gun attached. '-)

So I got a new STI Trojan in .45 ACP, took it home tore it down cleaned and Oiled it, and the Slide stop wont go back in, it has a "notch" cut in it (see pic) and it will not allow the slide stop to fully insert back into the frame as it gets caught on the safety lock spring. So I grab a back up and slide it in, moving on....

Rack the slide or should I say TRIED... it was so tight I needed to switch my grip on the gun and force it open (not what I was expecting from an STI). Now mind you I am not a "little" human bay any stretch, and this was hard to rack. So I grabbed some ammo and went to range to sight it in and test the gun. before the match the next day.

Ran 50 rounds through it, still supper tight, shot a match, 180 more rounds. still super tight... took it home tore it down cleaned it re-oiled dropped a 17# spring in and it is still hard to rack, took the recoil spring out and STILL hard to rack. I can feel where it is rubbing/grabbing and "binding" if you will.

Is this normal for STI's to have this issue until the "broke" in. Trying to figure out if I have an issue and should contact STI, or just work through it, do something to the rails???

Just a note, the gun ran ok, but it did not have what I would call a smooth cycle

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Had a similar issue with mine being extremely hard to rack.

Ended up being the hammer spring binding. Seems mainsprings aren't all the same size I found out. Replaced and it got noticeably smoother.

Just something else for you to check.

Does the slide and frame go together smoothly without barrel and mainspring?

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Do you have a better photo of the slide stop? Did it happen with he original slide stop fitted?

If I switch over slide stops between my edge and trojan the trojan gets hard to rack.

The new trojan in 38 super I bought 2 weeks ago needed 10 rounds to run it. Cases would only fall out of the gun until my 2nd mag then it was like normal.

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It is hard to get the photo better but I will try, and yes the gun was just as hard to rack with the original stop in it.

I took it down today and measured the rails and slide, the is .0005 bigger then the rails, so it is tight.

the finish is worn on the left side rail and only partly worn on the right side.

Tried to work it some with the barrel and recoil spring out, still feels like it is catching about 2/3 of the way through the recoil cycle.

Oiled it and put it back together. a little bit better, I am going to shoot it tomorrow night, and will report back Wed.

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So I grab a back up and slide it in, moving on....

I think this is your problem. Different slide stops sometimes have different diameter pins. If the one you put in is slightly larger, it won't allow the toggle on the barrel to rotate easily, and will be very tight and hard to rack. Take both slide stops and measure the pins. Usually they differ by just a few thousands of an inch.

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