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Primers with Light Springs in Production Shadow?


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I've shot about 10k CCI SPP and some Remington and Winchester. CCI SPP's seem to be creeping back up in price and I'm not finding them as easily as I used. to. Federal are either expensive or hard to find or both.

What do all of you think of Magtech and S&B SPP's? How do they compare in hardness? I have my Shadow with an 11.5# main spring. Goes bang 100% on CCI. I don't want to go harder than that.

I've heard Magtech may be a touch softer than CCI. Will Magtech and S&B likely go "bang" with my current set up? Any chance they will work with an 8.5# spring?

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We've tested both the 8.5 and the 11.5... in our cz's

8.5 Fed's only!

11.5 (meets the 5# ipsc trigger pull rule) ran great with Win / CCI / Fed duh

A couple of failures with S&B... one is all it takes for me

Get a few and try... it's the only way to really know.

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I did some testing with primers and mainsprings about three weeks ago. I'm shooting a SP01 and a 75B both with CGW extended firing pins, CZ custom hammers and polished everything. The results were the same with both pistols.

#8.5 mainspring

CCI: light strike every time would ignite on the second hit

Wolf/ WPA: about 90% light strike would ignite on the second hit. All first round ignitions came form being fired in double action.

Federal: 100 % ignition in both pistols.

#11.5 mainspring

CCI, Wolf/WPA, Federal: All fire first strike and have good looking firing pin indents.

I haven't tested any other primers or heavier mainsprings and I have about 10k federal primers on hand and If I had to switch to my CCI primers I Know my pistols are reliable with the 11.5# mainspring. Also I was getting some slight cratering with my 165 grain and Titegroup loads and deep firing pin indents, so I think with the 13# mainspring I run the chance of piercing the primer.

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