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What do you guys think of this deal?


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There's a gun for sale in my neck of the woods and wonder what you guys think........

Competition Witness Elite Match .40 S&W set up and ready to go for USPSA/IPSC Limited class. An amazing way to get into limited division for cheap!

Comes with:
5 Henning tuned mags
Blade tech holster, needs DOH attachment

Canyon Creek Welded XL Magwell
Adjustable windage and elevation rear supersight (milled in)
EGW hammer and sear
XL firing pin
All Henning upgraded springs throughout
Dawson fiber front sight
Henning pro flat trigger system (long)
Trigger job (polished and worked) under 2lbs
Original trigger included also

Over $1700 in the gun.

Asking $1050


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Yeah I thought the same thing. He said his primary is a limited and he had this as a back up.

I'm going to pass on the deal but if any of you are interested I can try to pass the info along. He said he would ship the gun....

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I think it's a great deal, but I am willing to ship to Enos members for a little price break.

It's mine, I just don't post here often to have enough to sell in the classifieds. But I do read alot of info on here. Thanks for the spot light on it. It has been a great work horse. I have been letting my little brother (18 yrs) shoot it last season and the begining of this one. He has jumped in with both feet and bought his own limited elite witness a week ago and now this one will sit. Little SOB ran a four stage qualifier last weekend after joining the USPSA the prior week before and looks like he is gonna be an "A" shooter. Looks like his much older "B" shooter brother did something right, and I sure this setup helped, lol.

Pm or ask about anything on the gun. Never had a problem with it and still runs like a top. Bought it from a member on here who was local as well.

Thanks guys. Lots of good info on here.

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