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Actually got to the range today!


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So I went to an "intro to IPSC" class today. For those that know me this might be met with some speculation - for those that don't know me I used to shoot IPSC some time ago and did a fair bit of it.

So I went to an intro class because it's been SOOOOO Long and I just wanted to dabble in it. Plus some co-workers were wanting to go and none of them have ever shot it so it was great for them.

The class time was great for anyone who had little experience. It was a tougher couple of hours for me because I was pretty familiar with everything. I was pretty relieved that many things had not changed or not changed enough to cause me to be uncomfortable.

Then we shot three stages. I'd done nothing to prep for it so I was a little nervous to see how things would go. Broke out the old Springfield Single Stack and just had a blast. My co-workers kicked butt!!! They had a great time. It took me a few times to knock the rust off but even I had some positives to highlight.

All in all a good day! Unfortunately the club is well over an hour away so I'm not going to make the match tomorrow but feel confident a match will be in our future soon.

It was also awesome to see so many people in the intro class. I bet there were 40 people - it was great to see so many people interested in picking up the game.

Congrats to all - had a blast today.


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