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Any particularly good current reloading books?


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I've been working with an old book for a long time. It is time for something newer for both pistol and rifle (.45acp, .223).

I don't want to buy multiple books... just looking for a good, current, general reloading specifications book... I'm kinda in a hurry.


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Here are some of the books I have, also a good source for books on all subjects, but currently have 92 titles in the fire arms and knife section. http://www.hamiltonbook.com/products/search?q=&find=Find%20%C2%BB&cat_id=FIK

Some titles are up to 80 % off list price.

Also being new and a book junkie here are the title in my collection:





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And more:



And being new to reloading and renewing my particapation in the shooting sports some of the goto and bedrock volumes I am including.


This should be a must read for all people in the reloading hobby, By major George C Nonte it covers everything from primers to the manufacture of powders. and why it takes so long from start to finish. It would eliminate a lot of the silly rumors that are floating on the net about things.

He also did a short volume on reloading.


Available on Amazon

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Well there are the load data books from the powder and bullet companies. Picking one would be hard and is sort of like asking the questions which beer, car/truck, whiskey or women or man, or NASCAR driver does one likes? That can be a large can of worms. As I have said I am new to the hobby and only currently punching holes in paper at my local range. So my expertese is limited. Most say that you should have multiple load data manuals.

I am a fan of Nonte and his Modern Reloading which is a classic. As for the reloading books that explain the steps and proceedures all of those listed but the two short booklets in post #8 are worth the money. The two books in post #6 are currently availible @ the Hamilton book site for reduced prices.

I have no connection to them other than a long time satisfied customer. I have found that I have leanerd something from each of them. But then again I am a book and reading junkie! :D

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I think it's really hard to beat the Lyman Reloading Handbook. I really like it because they pressure test almost all of their loads, and they use powders and bullets from a lot of different manufactures. Usually I compare any of Lyman's data to the website of the powder manufacturer I'm using for that load. Alliant, Hodgdon and Vihtavuori all have their data online.

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Im a relative noob, but Ive found the Hornady 9th Ed, the Lyman 49th, and Hodgon's website to be a great place to start.

The Hornady book is a little light on loads at times, but I shoot Hornady bullets 90% of the time so its a good fit. The Lyman book is a little hot, and has some lead info which gives me a jumping off point for lead and coated bullets. I only have 3 types of powder in my cabinet, H335, Win 296, Titegroup, so Hodgons website is pretty useful for me.

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One that I think is very informative about reloading, although the loads might be approached with caution is Phil Sharpe's Complete guide to Reloading. Easiest and least expensive way to find one is probably E-Bay.

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You have taken the hobby to a new level. Collecting load manuals.

No I don't collect data manuals as in older versions, I found that when I started to get interested in handloading, The best and easiest source of information to have access to waqs the sections in all the manuals on how to do it. And in reading the sections I found the descriptions of the manuals equipment company tools enlightening, It also was a good indicator of who and w\hats is avaible to use. The internet is nice for some stuff, but sadly there are too many "Legends in their own minds" so not everything is correct or true on the web. Just some of the U-tube vids are a good examples of A lot of streching the facts to promote them selfs or interests. Books on the other hand tend to have more correct info if published by better companies.

But I understand that the collecting of older data loading manuals is a section of the hobby in the reloading hobby.

Knowledge is power, and the more you have the better one can enjoy the hobby. I admit that I am a book junkie and also that I buy used, and what are called remainder books from one of the largests dealers. They have them up to 80% off list price.

http://www.hamiltonbook.com/online_catalogs?utm_source=erhbc&utm_medium=print&utm_content=%2Fhck&utm_campaign=hck Great source for books on most subjects, Firearms&knifes are in the hunting and fishing section

http://www.addall.com/ the best world wide Book Search and Price Comparison

http://used.addall.com/ If you are interested in only used and out of print books.

And of course Amazon books for new and used is also a good source and a better deal if you have prime. I also understand that a lot of people won't want all of the books on a subject, but if there is a list of what is available out there people can pick choose what best fits their interest

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