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2015 Waterloo 3 Gun Championship, NY

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Inaugural 2015 Waterloo 3 Gun Championship

We're proud to announce the first 3 Gun match held at the Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club in Waterloo, NY.
This will be a one day match held on Saturday August 8th at 9:00am consisting of 5 stages.
One of the stages will be a 3 GUN NATION classifier stage (compare yourselves to other 3 gunners across the nation!).
We are planning to have a Jungle Run and a stage where we'll be able to engage targets out to 200yds.
Match fee is $55 which includes lunch!
Registration can be done online here: Waterloo 3GUN
Divisions recognized at this match will be:
Tactical Optics (Practical)
Limited (Factory)
Open (Unlimited)
Heavy Metal
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Questions I've had:

"Are there different classes or scoring?"

Everyone is scored the same.

You will be able to indicate Senior, Junior, Female on your scoresheet.

"Will we need any rifle/shotgun slings?"


"What should I practice?"

-Know your rifle zeros from your muzzle to 200yds.

-Longer distance pistol shots out to 40yds on a 12 inch plate.

-Reloading shotgun on the move.

-Know where your shotgun slugs impact out to 80yds.

-You should also be able to hit a 4 inch circle with your rifle offhand at 50yds.

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