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need a gunsmith . . .


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... that works on 1895 Marlin 45-70's.

Have an old 22" barreled 'Classic' w/ a 4 rd tube - no cross-bolt safety.

Want a new full barrel-length tube that holds 6 or 7 rds.

I know there was at one time smiths that specialized in making Guide Guns, etc., but then Marlin started to produce them itself.

So any left out there? ...& do you know how to get in touch?



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A lever gun IS a 3-gun rifle, ever heard of Cowboy action shooting??? last I checked it is AT LEAST 3 guns if not more. Have we really become so elitist that we can't recognize all the 3-gun sports?

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Indeed, Cooper's book Art of the Rifle says that the Winchester M94 may be considered an American ancestor of the Scout. And Cooper's personal ported Marlin Guide Gun is featured in several photographs, including on the cover, and with Cooper holding it in his photo on the back cover.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Are you kidding me?

Oh man, I couldn't be happier! ...& so quickly!!

Now I gotta' cool my jets 'till it gets here next week!!!

Don't forget the "No Signature Required".

You don't know how grateful I am.

Looks exactly how I had it pictured! ...better actually!

No Alaska this year, but I'm headed to Tennessee next week to my buddies 100+ acres in the Smokies - I don't hunt or kill anything (except ducks!) any longer, but it'll be fun to have it w/ me & there are plenty of bears to scare off!!!

Again, thank you & my friends'll just have to eat their own livers in envy!

I'm a 1911 guy & I see a lot of your work is w/ them. I'm going to have more work for you soon, ok?

Guess I better get to the reloading bench & crank out some of those 405's!!!

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Part of an email I sent to Steve Rose at ROSEACTIONSPORTS.COM:

". . . I can't thank you enough! . . . & it's freakin' perfect! Exactly - better than exactly - what I had in mind!!!

You made it so easy & the piece is absolutely perfect! It couldn't possibly be any better.

I don't know what else to say, except thank you so very much."

If anyone out there has some custom work they'd like done, I can't recommend anyone more highly.

Yes I know this may not be the "correct" thread (see: above) but this guy's work is extraordinary.

"Flame" me if you wish, but I couldn't be happier w/ what he did w/ this old girl!!!

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