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wish I could shoot outside...


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Only indoor ranges in these neck of the woods..many rules. Many. Many rules.

Hi all,

I've been lurking around here for many years now and decided to go ahead actually start participating.

I'm a police officer from the northeast with a fancy 'top shot' plaque from the academy. perpetual brass checker, self taught dissector of information from books, classes etc. Been building a small firearms training and consulting company since 2012 specializing in pure, pistol shooting fundamentals as well as helping people navigate the firearms application process here in NJ.

Had the great fortune of training with some exceptional shooters from both the competition and military/le world where I think ive done a good job of weeding through some of the bs and adopting techniques and skills that actually mean something and won't just get you made fun of, or killed for that matter...

Out-shooting your academy and department instructors makes your head big, then showing up to a match and getting smoked by a guy twice your age and weight is the most wonderfully humbling experience I've had. Perspective is a fantastic virtue and my hope is to continue to set new goals and standards for myself.

That's all. Thanks for having me!

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