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Need size info to use Dawson front with adjustable BO MAR rear sight o


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I remember seeing something about this a long time ago but I cannot find the thread.

Current setup:

CZ SP-01 Shadow Target with factory FO front and BO MAR adjustable rear

CZ SP-01 CZC Accu Shadow with HAJO rear and CZ Custom front FO sight.

I would like to change the setup on both guns to have a Dawson FO front and CZ Adjustable BO MAR style rear sites. I like the current setup on the Shadow Target with regards to sight height, I just like the Dawson front better. The intent is to have a training gun and comp gun with the same sight setup. The rear sight part is easy and I have a local shop for the LPA cut but the front is more complicated and I'd like to get it right the first time if possible.

What I need to do:

Accu Shadow: remove my existing HAJO rear and CZ Custom front site and replace both

Shadow Target: Just replace front sight

These are the parts I want to use:

Dawson Front site:


CZ adjustable BO MAR style rear:


So what I'm looking for:

1) What height Dawson sight do I need to replicate the CZ factory FO sight off the Shadow Target. Dawson measures their sights differently than CZ so its not just a math the specs kind of deal.

2) Since the Target has a front sight roll pin and the Accu does not, can the same model sight be adapted to both guns. What parts/tools do I need to fit a sight to the Accu shadow?


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I replaced my stock front sight in my Shadow Target with the Dawson .195 tall sight and point of impact remained the same.

Pretty sure you are going to have to get your slide milled on the Accu to run that rear sight. I think the Accu uses the shadow cut in the slide and the Bo-mar style uses an LPA cut.


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I'm going to change the front sight on my CZ Shadow-Target from the CZC front sight to a Dawson as well. Measuring the Shadow-T's current front sight I came up with .190" tall from the top of the slide. I'll probably order the .195" and diddle my rear sight a little if I end up shooting low.

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