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1050 case feed problems

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I purchased a new Dillon super 1050 last week and I went to use it and am having problems with the feeder. It looks as if it needs to be adjusted because in one spot the grey case plate that spins, has a 1/4"+ gap that allows the 223 cases to get the neck and shoulder in the gap thus either lifts the grey case plate and cases fall between that and the bottom of the case feeder, or the cases will wedge between the blue case feeder and the metal gold plate on the side.

If you are looking down inside the case feeder (birds eye view) with the case funnel drop at six o'clock, the gap would be at three o'clock, where the gold metal is first screwed to the blue plastic case feeder. It is as if the plastic bottom is cut too thin there creating a shallow spot for the cases to get stuck. The rest of the feeder is flush with the bottom of the grey case plate. The washer is NOT installed lifting the case plate.

I called Dillon and there only recommendation was to put the washer on the bottom of the tub where it angles the case plate at the top to help fill that gap. I tried that and it made it worse.

I have a 650 that I've had for about four years and I've never had this problem. The grey case plate is flush and tight on all the bottom of that case feeder. I even tried switching the grey case plate to eliminate that variable and still had cases getting stuck.

Next question is my 650 is smooth on the down and up stroke. The 1050 is smooth on the down stroke but the up stroke hangs. When the handle is at a 90 degree angle it is as it the handle has a catch in it and it pops and I feel a small jolt as if something is hanging? Should it be smooth like the 650? It only does it with a case in the first chamber with the resizing die. Cases are lubed. Sizing die is not touching the shell plate bottom and cases are being sized properly so I'm lost on why it feels as if it is hanging up.



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Notice the gap and how far the case is below the grey case feed plate. That gap mabe extends 1 or 2 inches at most then the bottom is fluch with the rest of the grey case feed plate. The edge of the case is barely hanging on. On the 650 feeder, it is flush with the bottom of the blue plastic case feeder. with no gap.


Thus causing this


which leads to this


the clean plate is the new one, the dirty plate is the old one. Both plates have problems in the 1050. Both work correctly in the 650.

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