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Autocomp and w231 powder puffs


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I loaded 2 loads for comparison today.

1st was 124 grain copper playted with 3.5 grains of w231. Cycled fine in a 1911 with ported barrel and made 850 fps.

2nd load was a115 copper plated with 4.5 grains of autocomp. Chronoed 900 fp.

Ther was a ver distinct feel between the loads. The w231 was soft at 850 but the autocomp was way softer at a higher velocity. Felt like a airsoft gun. I'm going down to 4.2 of autocomp just to see how fast and if even softer. Using for steel challenge.

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The 124 was at 105.4 PF and the 115 was at 103.5 PF, so the lighter

bullet was a little "less powderful".

I'm surprised there was a "way softer" feel, when they're so close

to one another.

Both are very soft. I've shot some 100 PF loads in my 9mm and

they are a LOT of FUN to shoot - but I never notice a large difference

from one powder to another - they're just silly soft - and FUN to shoot.

Be interesting to see how low you can go. :cheers:

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