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Greetings from South Africa

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Hello all,

I've been an active shooter since the early Eighties, when I started my reloading on a very fancy (for South Africa!) Lee Turret Press. The press served me very well for many years, loading primarily .45ACP as most of the 9mmP ammo I used came from my military and LE careers.

I've been contracting for the past few years, so my shooting has all been in a large Sand Pit I'm sure you're all well aware of...

Although I'm still contracting, I have seen the light, and I've just finished setting up my 650 to load for my 9mm's - I'll eventually be loading .223 and .308 too, as soon as I've got all my bits and bobs together for the rifle calibers. I've subsequently sold my .45, for 'logistical' reasons.

I do IDPA and social IPSC-type shoots, including pistol and 3-gun matches.

Great to have access to all the information on these forums - thanks a ton to all who've contributed over the years!



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