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1911 Palmswell Grip: Permitted?


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I've recently built up the left-hand grip of my 1911 to assist me with recoil control.


* The gun does fit in the box as is *

Is this a permitted modification? I believe it is, but I would like some confirmation. I'm assuming that it is this type of modification for which the USPSA "box" was intended gauge.

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You can modify the grips, It must fit in the box, and can't look like a recoil reducing device. If you somehow molded a thumb rest on there you would have an issue. As it is, you are just putting on custom grips which is allowed. I use a set of grips that make the gun feel like a 2011 and have had no issues at large USPSA or IPSC matches including the World Shoot.

Page 85-86 of the current rule book spell it out pretty well.

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