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sti mag question


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Hey everyone i got my Sti edge in 45 finally, It came with 4 140mm mags with Dawson +1 base pads. But i am having an issue with trying to get them up to capactiy. I do my own loads with new starline brass and the Nosler 185 Grain Custom Comp bullet. I set the Oal at 1.245 and i can only get 10 some times 11 in the mags. Then i get some Winchester 3 gun factory ammo and get can 14 in the mags. And at times the followers are sticking down not keeping pressure on the rounds. I don't know of the Mags are tuned or not since i got them 2nd hand. So i am really confused.

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If the followers are getting stuck with rounds in the mag (plus you are losing capacity) then the internal width of the mags are too wide. STI is very reasonable company, I'd attempt calling them and see if they take care of it via warranty. Unless you are comfortable with making them a little narrower yourself. You'll want to know the proper "internal" dimensions for .45acp between the ribs though.

Good luck

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