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Ever seen a SP01 Shadow Orange?


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From what I have seen.

Tighter frame to slide fitting.

Polished barrel

Competition hammer

Spare springs, buffers.

Still looking over to see if there is more differences.

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They are old hat down this side of the world Stuart. :) lol they were called the 2012 at one point. We got them early 2014. For a cz ub factory shadow they are about as good as it gets. Just need a pre b disco and some springs and they are good to go. :)

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Here Ya go from the CZ site:


The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE pistol differs in new procedures and operations added as a part of the serial production process (e.g. the manual fitting of the barrel, the lateral definition of the free movement of the bolt and the sophisticated trigger mechanism). The gun has a burnished barrel and its "orange 2012" name is based principally on its long thin and aluminium grips of that colour. The weapon is presented in an identical case to that of the CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE.


handmade barrel matching and precise slide side setting

Improved trigger mechanism

polished barrel

metal polished recoil spring guide

polished recoil spring + recoil spring set (13 lbs. And 11 lbs.)

Polished main spring + main spring set (13 lbs. And 16 lbs.)

Buffer set (3x thick, 2x thin)

orange grips - thin, long (aluminium)

3x magazine with aluminium magazine bottom (orange)

defender type rear sights and red fiber optic front sight 5,5 x 2,5 x 1 mm

newly designed sa/da hammer

cleaning oil, cd, polymer case

better shooting comfort, increased accuracy.

more stable recoil during shooting. Parts service life increased.

smooth and precise trigger mechanism.

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Know of any plans to fix the safety so it doesn't interfere with a high grip? That would be a killer part for CZ Custom to produce

Cz oem already offer flat/low profile safeties for those that find the factory safeties interfering with their grip. In fact a version of the Orange sold in Canada comes with them. They are available direct from cz ub and presumably from cz usa too.

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I snaked one of the last ones. Anyone got an SP01 ACCU they are tired of? I'd entertain trading the Orange for one....

I would love to hear your impressions once you receive it.

I got it a bit ago. Slide fit is stellar as well as barrel fit. Trigger is HEAVY and no short disco, but other than that the gun is beautiful!

I'll post some pics when I get home later tonight

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