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Benelli Choke


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As far as I can tell the Briley website could use a flowchart. Once you determine what fits your gun you seem to have the following options:

Ported or unported (unported for 3gun I'm guessing)

Flush or extended (extended for me)

Black or stainless (who cares really, or titanium but that's a tad pricey.)

Color coded tip or not (why the hell not?)

figure out what you want for those questions, then eliminate anything that doesn't look like that. What remains, is what you want to buy, I think.

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If it were me I would buy one or the other. The difference between an I.C. and a L.M. is negligible. If you are needing to choke up past an I.C. you need to be thinking M. or even full. I personally run a LM for everything and don't worry about changing chokes. Its your $$ but I would pick one or the other and save the $50.00 or so.

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