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Another Stretch 16 build


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Got the barrel in.. 16" melonite fluted barrel.

This barrel replaced a 14.5 middy I had been running

I had an 18" gun but got rid of it and decided I just wanted one 16" gun.


Wilson Combat upper, lower, NP3 BCG, 3lb TTU singlestage, parts kits and 12.5" handguard

Vltor A5 buffer system, standard weight buffer

JEC brake/Templar Tactical Nemesis30 mount

Steiner Military 1-5 in AADmount

Only had a chance to shoot it once to sight it in with some Winchester "3gun" 55g ammo, ran about 2 MOA

It definitely shoots flat, I was at an indoor range where I limited time and the ability to shoot more than a few double taps at 25 yards.

Need to get out and hit an outdoor range and run it at distance with some heavier loads.

Will report back20150312_1330472-e1426187668881.jpg

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