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Glock 34 production set up

mike g35

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I know this has been beaten to death over the years on this forum, but as time goes on equipment and accessories change and upgrade so in the interest of getting up to date here it goes anyway.

What set up are you guys running in your G34's for USPSA production? Sights, triggers, barrels, basepads, etc??

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TTI sights, Storm Lake barrel, TTI production base pads, and the DK CustomTriggers CUSTOM kit. Stainless guiderod w/ 11lb spring and standard slide release, production legal in house stipple job.

Hey Daniel I may be in touch with you soon. A DK Custom trigger was at the top of my list.

Guess I should ask, Gen 3 or 4?

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You don't really need an aftermarket barrel unless you plan on shooting moly lead. Aftermarket sights, yes, because OEM sights suck. Taran Tactical connector, not a complete trigger, and master the fundamentals of pistol shooting: stance, grip, sight picture and trigger control.

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Here's what I am currently running on my two Glock 34s Gen4s for production. They make weight, 27.3oz with factory mags.


TTI Sights, SS guide rod, Zev Reducer Washer, 11lb spring, Zev Competition Kit (springs and disconnector) with lots of polishing. I have enough weight to play with I am going to be adding Shockbottle EZ off base pads from the BSPS this week.


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Sevigny competition sights, all black .150 rear, butt plug, and a bar-sto barrel. The factory barrel shot like crap and groups reduced by 1/2 with the bar-sto.

Everything else is stock except the grip tape on the left panel.

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I am picking up the new Shockbottle base pads tomorrow and my BOSS holster. Once I get kiddo down for a nap, I will weigh everything to confirm I still make weight and I will throw up some pictures of my rig if anyone is interested. I made A Class recently with this pistol set up. Hoping to do well at Double Tap, TX Open and Area 4 with it this year. Still working at shooting consistently instead of flashes of brilliance followed by mediocre times and an epic failure.

Gun has been 100%..... Me..... not so much haha. But I am excited about shooting Production this year and hopefully Single Stack in the fall.

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Alright. Confirmed - 27.9oz with the Shockbottle base pads.


Here's my set up, now complete:

Gun - G34 Gen 4
Zev Competition Spring kit and V4 Race connector (trigger parts heavily polished)
TTI Sights
Jager Stainless Steel Guide Rod w/ 11lb ISMI recoil spring
Zev Guide Rod Reducer Washer
Factory 17rnd mags with Shockbottle base plate

Belt Set-up -
CR Speed Belt 1.5"
Safariland Mag pouches
Ben Stoeger Pro Shop Boss Hanger with Comptac Holster
Arredondo 1.5" Keeper

** I think I may trade out the safariland pouches for these Ghost pouches - http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/Ghost-360-Universal-Magazine-Pouch-SG-MAG-p/sg-mag.htm Does anyone have experience with them? **

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Lets see...

  • CR Speed High torque belt
  • Ghost magazine pouches and holster
  • KKM barrel
  • Dawson rear adjustable sight, front sight fiber optic
  • Taran Tactical springs
  • Taran Tactical base pads
  • Polished connector, -
  • DPM Systems Technologies guide rod and springs
  • Stippled in a few places
  • All of Ben Stoeger's books...
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Sevigny Sights, ghost grip plug, ghost mag pouches, BOSS holster. I think most of the special-sauce fire control parts for the 34 are a waste of money. Most of the Glock malfunctions I have seen in matches were due to aftermarket parts thrown in to "improve" the trigger.

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G34 gen 4

Ghost Rocket 3.5# connector

Ti safety plunger

Jager SS guide rod w/ 13# ISMI spring

TTI springs (minus striker spring (still have stock))

TTI base pads

Warren Sevigny sights w/ f/o front

Polished internals

I have about 7,500 rounds in mine w/o failure with this exact set up. Hope you find what works for you... I have for me!

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34 Gen 4

Dawson Precesion rear with Fiber optic front

Zev Tech competition spring kit

Zev Tech connector

Jäger SS guide rod with 13# ismi spring

Grip tape no back strap

Comp Tac International holster

I have 3 spare mags with TTI basepads that I use for 3gun and outlaw steel matches

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G34 Gen 4

Dawson Precision rear adjustable sight .125N with fiber optic front sight .300 tall .100 wide

Jager Gen 4 Steel Guide Rod

13# ISMI Recoil Spring

5.5# Stock Glock Firing Pin Spring

6# Ghost Trigger Spring

Ghost Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring

ZEV Tech V4 Race Connector

.25 Glock Trigger Job

TTI/AU Base Pads

Bladetech Black Ice /Boss Holder (Production)

Bladetech WRS (3Gun)

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