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Just got a New Strike One in Grey / Stainless (Sight Mod)

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Just got in a new Strike One Grey/Stainless. I have not shot it yet but I will tomorrow.

Fit and finish is very nice and I am very impressed with the gun so far. Trigger could use some break-in but is very good for factory striker.

Magwell is HUGE!

The IPSC Strike One holster is decent. At first I thought it was horrible but found that there was some kind of greasy coating on it that was making the gun stick really bad. So much so I was going to send it back. Sprayed a little cleaner on it and it is good to go.

I wanted to address one of the concerns I had when I was purchasing. I could not find any Fiber front sights for it. I was really concerned about this because it is all I am use to shooting with. So when I got the gun and started messing around painting a red dot on top of the factory white one. It looked really bad and when I cleaned it off I realized that it is actually hard rubber insert. I then took a pick and was able to remove it and found it was a tunnel in the front sight. Also after looking at the rear sights they also are the same way.

Putting fiber in them was super easy and looks great. Front sight could be slimmer but will have to do for now.

Pic's attached.



















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Just spoke with Lori and Darrin at Sooner. The customer service has been great so far. They said this last batch of Strike's have had some issues with the triggers being gritty and not perfect. They are in the process of resolving the issue now. As for the gun locking up every other round it turned out to be the locking block. It needed to have a little machining and polishing done and I was told it is fine now.

I hope to have the gun back this week and be able to do a range review.


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Gun is now back to Sooner for the 2nd time.

Not sure what to think of this gun yet so far I would say stay far away from these for a while.

I have not been able to get it to run. Last time I got it back the mag would fall out every time I shot a round.

The gun is still locking up and will not allow for chamber check most of the time due to locking block not fitting correctly.

I adjusted the mag release spring and it fixed the problem but now its almost impossible to release a mag comfortably.

After going to Sooner this last time it got a trigger job. It is exactly 3lb's now and very nice. Sooner gave me a discount on the 179.00 normal trigger job. They agreed that there was a problem with the trigger in this batch of guns. The only fix was the trigger job they said. Gave me a discount to fix a defective gun. Still not sure how I feel about that.

I asked what the problem was with the trigger, They said they didn't know how to fix it because they are unsure what the problem is with this batch of guns. They then said that the trigger job would fix the problem. Kinda weird in my opinion.

Still tons of reset and pre travel so still not a big fan of the trigger. I may have just a bad gun. The first one I received had a very nice trigger with no trigger job. Still the pre-travel and reset issue though.

Ill keep you posted

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Paul at Sooner was very helpful today. After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that this particular gun was part of a bad batch that made it in the states. They are doing a trigger job on a new gun and are sending it right out. Also Paul is personally going to go over it to make sure it is free of flaws.

I can say even though I have been disappointed up until this point with the gun. Sooner State has wonderful customer service and is genuinely concerned about their customers and the guns. They are getting limited factory support it seems. They are in the process of working with Wolf springs to create better mag release springs and also plunger springs. Good for them for going around the factory if its not supporting them to get these guns running.

Ill update once I get the new gun in.


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This design gave me high hopes but the real world examples I've seen are very similar experiences to your own. Too bad. Hope they get everything squared away for you!

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