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cz ts 200gr bbi and powder


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So I am new to 40, have loaded a lot of 9mm and 45acp.

New ts, not yet in my hands. I have bbi 200gr bullets and wst,e3 and bullseye. Would like to hold onto my 7625 and wsf for my 9mm.

Any suggestions oal and powder would be great.

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I think e3 is the cat's meow for 40. Load to 1.126" to 1.135". If you are looking to make major, start with 3.2gr e3 and work up. You should not have to go a whole lot higher than that. I prefer 180gr LTC bullets and I make major with 3.6-3.7gr e3 in my TS. Good luck.

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4.0-4.2 grs of WST col 1.180

My guns, all 5" bbl's, make 170 to 173 PF

Never gone under major at a match

tested from 8 degrees to 89 and sunny

89 and sunny it was 2 PF lower

My schumann bbl is the slowest but also the most consistent

lowest I've ever gotten was 170PF

I load 4.1grs for all my forties now

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