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Benelli M4 Geissele aftermarket hammer in Nova/Supernova (922r)


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Does anyone know if Benelli M4 hammers are interchangeable with the Nova/Supernova? Geissele makes a 922r replacement hammer and I am wondering if it works in the Benelli pump action shotguns.
They look extremely similar except the M4 has an extra catch that it needs being a semi-auto.
I plan on putting a shotgun together and new mag tube, follower, and a hammer would bring it into compliance from what I have checked.

Yeah, i am by the book...



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i didnt come here to argue rules/law/regulations or anything.
I just wanted to know if anyone tried it and if it would fit/work.

i will try it out and report back after i give it a shot for future reference in case anyone else is wondering about this.

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