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NRA Tactical Police Competition (TPC) Medford Oregon May 8 & 9

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Once again we are hosting the NRA for a Tactical Police Competition in Medford Oregon. The competition will be on May 8th and 9th at the Jackson County Sports Park Shooting Complex. Come on out and enjoy a great day of training and sharpen the wolf hunting skills.

Link to the NRA site -- http://tpc.nra.org/match-schedule.aspx

Link to the range site -- http://rvssa.org

And link to the closest hotel (not a "host" hotel but it's the closest to the range and run by one of our former Deputies so it's LEO friendly) http://brooksideinnhotel.com

Bring the whole family and enjoy what Southern Oregon has to offer.

Protect the flock...


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I'll second that. This is a great shoot. A lot of fun. Challenging, inventive stages based in reality. Good for experienced as well as first timers. Doesn't hurt that NRA puts out some pretty nice prizes for a smaller match like this! Recommended.

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From the rule book...

  1. 2.1.9 Sponsored Competitors - Manufacturer’s Representatives: Regardless of other category eligibility, individuals who are members of a manufacturers’ shooting team, sales or product representatives, professional shooters, or regular sponsored shooters must fire in the Invitational category.

2.1.10 Invitational: At the discretion of the Match Director persons who do not meet TPC eligibility requirements may be allowed to participate. These may include volunteer match officials, match sponsors, and firearm industry representatives. Invitational competitors are not eligible for awards, plaques or prizes. Recorded scores are normally maintained and published separately from regular competitors.

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