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1050 Vacuum Manifold

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Since I started processing brass a constant chore has been clearing the vacuum line which very frequently clogs with brass wool. Chipping cutter might have helped a tad but the problem largely remains. And now that I am starting 300BO on a second 1050 the problem will only get worse.

Since I work for a plumbing supply house I was able to come up with a vacuum manifold with ball valves for $15. If it does clog it should be easy to clear as the pipe is smooth and there is a removable plug on the end. Unused Jeep sway bar brackets came in handy for mounts. :)



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Neat. Something I've found that helps a BUNCH is trimming the shroud. The shroud, especially for .300 blk, sits too high on the window of the trim die. Trim the bottom of the shroud to move the exhaust port to the centerline of the die window, and with the correct cutter, all swarf issues vanish.

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Good point. I did trim the bottom of the shroud but what notice is the shroud can ride up on the trimmer which exposes the bottom of the die and allows chips to fly around. More Jeep parts to the rescue: I placed a 10mm urethane Old Man Emu coil spacer between the top of the shroud and trimmer body. This keeps the shroud pushed down against the tool head.

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