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Custom Gun- Really?


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This is kind of a rant, but needs to be said..don't ask which brand, cause I won't say - I'm not here to bash anyone, cause these guys support the sport, are great guys and shooters..but their customs deserve a better products than what I got for over $4000 dollars..To say that I was disappointed and surprised is an understatement.

I recently bought a brand new, un-fired full custom gun from a very well known and respected custom gun builder. I bought it from an individual that had bought it brand new, and never fired it. The individual that I bought it from is very well thought on this site, so I have no reason to believe that he did anything to gun..It was unfired.. When I received the gun, it was so tight that you could barely get the slide to cycle..you had to pull straight back on slide with alot of force..you could not use the slide racker to rack slide as it would side load it. The trigger that was suppose to be two pounds, was actually 2 lbs 14oz, and had about 40-50 thousand creep in it before it every broke ...absolutely terrible... I called up the smith and asked about the why the gun was so hard to cycle...i was told that it had to be broken in...go out and shoot it till it's hot, oil it up good and repeat for a thousand rounds till it started jamming, then clean it, your good to go..

I could not stand the trigger..period..and I knew that something wasn't right with the slide/barrel fit .I wasn't sure what to do..I didn't want to call the custom builder and piss him off by complaining about his work as he is well known, especially considering that I didn't buy the gun directly from him......so instead I sent the pistol to a very good friend of mine who is a very well know, high end builder...Here is what was found wrong with this brand new custom gun..

1911 Pistol Repair
-2 lb 3 oz Trigger - fitted all parts as the trigger as received was all drop in, non fitted parts.
-Corrected Extractor
-Corrected Ejector
-Corrected Sear
-Cut Hammer Hooks to .018
-Modified Sear Spring
-Installed 8 lb Recoil Spring
-Cut Front of Slide Down to Correct Comp Gap - there was NO gap-the slide was slamming into the rear of the comp! This and the barrel fit is why the slide was so hard to rack.
-Corrected Leg Fit
-Sanded Out Mag Well so mags will drop freely
-Corrected Front Strap
-Corrected Link
-Modified Firing Pin Plate
-Install 20 lb Main Spring
-Corrected Barrel Ramp
-Alumi Guide rod was loose - not locktited
While maybe some of the thing on the above list are really preferences depending on the smith you use, there is no excuse for unfitted, drop in trigger group and the front of the slide slamming into the comp on a full blown custom $4000+ pistol! This is nothing more than poor quality control and rushed production...Please give us the service and product that we pay for... I know you custom makers sellers hundreds of pistols a year, and demand is high, but please don't let quantity overcome quality.
I'm sure that if I had sent the pistol back to the builder/maker they would have taken care of the issues - but shooting season is here, and I didn't want to be without my "new" gun for a extended period of time, thus I sent to someone that I know and trust..So please, before you start flaming me over not sending the gun back to maker, understand that my point is that I should never have too send it anywhere if it's been done right from the start.
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I understand your frustration. I sent a pistol to a well known and respected (By others than me) gunsmith for repairs of a problem. Paid about $500 for the repair and first stage I shot, it misfired consistently. Returned it on my dime and had the same problem when I got it back. I had even sent 100 rounds of test ammo.

Got it fixed elsewhere. It never should have had to go back the first time. No excuse for this type of work although many were offered.

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I had the same experience about 6-7 years ago.

The gun was accurate but wouldn't run a mag full

of factory ammo.

Had to send it to another excellent gunsmith, who

made the gun run beautifully, but lost some of the

great accuracy I had paid for from the 1st smith. :cheers:

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