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Phoenix Trinity grip install


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I have a stock STI 5.0 Tactical in 9mm (3 gun pistol).

I'd like to put a Phoenix Trinity steel grip on it to increase weight and improve texture.

Is this a user install or will it need a 'smith to fit the grip on a stock STI?

I've read that PT grips work better with SV trigger bows. Will I need to swap triggers too?

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It's pretty much a drop in part. You may have to fit a little here and there with the screw bushing but otherwise it's slides right on and a tap on the bottom will seat it. Just be aware, don't over tighten the grip screws. Make them snug or it may cause your mags to not drop free.

As far as the SV trigger, I have one installed in mine, but it also works with the standard STI trigger.

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Mine was a drop in fit, I did change to a SV trigger, and a little reshaping of the right side of the mag release. Changing grips is one of the best things I've done to my STI.

If your good with taking your pistol apart, you should be able to do this yourself. The grips are designed for the SV trigger bow, never tried to use the STI trigger since I wanted the new trigger.

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