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Hello from Port Orange, Florida


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New to the world of reloading and have done loads of research. I am going to take a local reloading course given by an NRA certified Reloading Instructor. I am of the mind that I will purchase a Dillon Precision RL550B reloader. It seems to be able to do all that I will need. I guess my biggest concern is to be able to purchase the supplies locally at a decent price versus buying online and having to eat the additional Hazmat fees! I am most likely going to reload 44 mag. 44 spcl. 9mm and both .357 mag and 38 spc.. Any help and advice along the way will be really appreciated from members when I post for help. I'm excited about my new venture!

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Welcome aboard. :cheers:

You live in Gun Country ... :bow:

That means that within a half hour drive,

you'll be at a range, filled with people who

have lots of experience in reloading.

You can probably buy used brass for a

small amount (esp 9mm) - bullets are

easy to buy from Montana Gold, or other

excellent bullet companies.

Primers require Hazmat charge, so you

might try to get in on a large purchase

with a group of other shooters.

Powder is The Problem - not easy to find -

especially whatever type of powder you

decide you want the most. :ph34r:

But, by talking to people, and reading this

Forum, you should be able to find some

suitable powder to get started with.

Good luck - enjoy the Forum. :cheers:

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