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ETR7 Load Data


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In my experiences so far yes. I should have a load that make PF ( I like 173 to 175 buffer) that I will test tomorrow loaded about 100 rounds ( 4.4grns @ 1.165 COAL) so I can get a good fell for it.

I just loaded the above (100rnds) on my 650 metered out perfectly 4.3 to 4.4grns so I was happy with that. Although never have had an issues with Ramshot.

The recoil feels smoother to me and flatter if that makes sense to you. Also I don't feel as much recoil in my hand/arm. But I will know for sure tomorrow the 3.2grns I think I will use for steel with a 12lbs spring it was like a .22cal LOL

4.4grns @ 1.165 COAL

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