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Gen 4 30

bodene 5

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I have both a 21SF and 30S. Both are great pistols. My EDC is the 30S and it performs like you would expect. Accuracy wise for me the 21 I get tighter groups than the 30 does. I have used the 30 for action shooting and done very well with it, have yet to shoot it out to any great distance. The 21 makes me look like pro shooter.

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I have a 30, 21, and 41...

Zero difference from bench at 20... For me, your lowly B class shooter, but rapid shooting with movement and transition, I need the added sight radii of the 20 and 41...

Yes, I said radii:-)

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Well I finally shot my gen 4 30 with ranger t 147 factory , bayou. 230 rn , and 230 fmj hand loads this thing is really accurate with all 3 a hair more flip than my gen4 21 but. not to bad I kinda like this 30

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