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Holster for single stack


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I have been shooting with a sig sauer nitron rail in ss and trying to find a different holster for it since I shoot with a blackhawk serpa now. I called sig and they said any scorpion with a rail holster will fit it. Blade tech said they only have th Pro-Series Speed rig that would work. Is that legal in ss or not?

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Not legal.

Just found this from Appendix D3, #20:

•Suitable for everyday use. “Race gun” type holster prohibited. •Must carry pistol so that the entire front strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt. Female shooters must carry the pistol no lower than the heel of the butt at the top of the belt

May not be manufactured or cut lower than, and must cover the slide up to, 1/2” below the ejection port (belt slide “Yaqui” type holster exempt). Each magazine must be contained individually within the magazine pouch. Magazines may not be retained through magnetic means.

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I use a Blade-Tec that is for my CZ75. It fits a tiny bit loose for the single stack, but fine for steel challenge, you can jump up and down and the gun stays put. I suppose I could tighten it up a bit, but then it might be too tight for the CZ. I have a big box of holsters but I use the Blade-Tec for 3 guns.

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