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My project today

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Yesterday my ergo handle for my older Dillon came and I installed it. When playing with it, I compared it to the newer one (put an ergo handle on it before I ever used it) and it seemed much rougher in the movement. So today I tore down the older Dillon to adjust the timing or whatever they call it. Cleaned everything good and checked everything over. Had a new large primer feeder (what ever it is called) and decided I would put it in. As I was cleaning the primer feed tube I noticed that the piece that goes over the primer slide was bulging out where the screws are. I had heard of this but never noticed it before. Must have been that way for quite some time I am thinking because I have been pretty careful about not over tightening those screws and because the feed has not felt as smooth as the newer Dillon. So I took some auto sandpaper and sanded and sanded and sanded until it seemed pretty flat again. Took a while. Had a grinder that would have been much faster, but was afraid I would take off too much.Then I took some fine wet/dry sandpaper and buffed it up good, then cleaned it again with Power Blast and put everything back together. Then I made a few test rounds of 30-30 and everything worked much smoother, so hopefully that will help for a while. After shooting season this year I am considering sending it back to Dillon for a rebuild. They charge less than $70 to do that. Probably cost more in shipping than they charge to rebuild. I don't think you can beat that price. Did I do this process correctly?

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