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Mag pouch orientation - out or forward and advantages of each

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I've seen this alluded to but no discussions about it. Of course on Stoeger's pro shop they make comments on their product page about how "cool you will look" with your mags facing out, but then I hear other comments in passing on other posts that seem to dissuade you from doing it that way. Is there any particular advantage you find one way or the other with the mag orientation?

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@theautobah, I hear you, that was my original purpose of getting handguns...however that said, I practice with both my intended competition setup and my carry setup. I honestly don't think I will get into a situation where I need to do a 1 second reload so I tried bullets out and I do find that it allows me to keep my pouches closer together and I seem to grasp my magazine a bit more consistently after a few sessions.

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i liked bullets out because

-seemed like one less pronation/supination movement of my wrist.

-i am thin. 5 mags goes from my hip bone almost to my spine. so going bullets out saves me belt space with certain mag pouch set ups.

-the mag was a little futher from my body, making it easier to grab in awkward positions

i liked bullets forward and went back to it because

-i could feel the weight of full mags to a greater degree with bullets out, so bullets closer feels more streamlined and the pouches/mags seem to exert less force on me with them in closer.

-i occasionally shoot idpa and didnt want to relearn a mag grab technique.

-with the set up i currently run, the 5th mag is only about 1/2 of a mag pouch further back than the bullets out set up. wiling to accept that as if i go to a 5th well, "it is what it is"

-im not that smart. if more people are doing it one way, there is probably a reason. so i'm gonna copy them until i learn better myself.

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