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WST vs. Titegroup smokiness with flashlight


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Titegroup used to be my go-to power for .45 but about 6 months ago, I started using WST (230 plated with about 4.6 grains.) For me, it seemed a bit cleaner.

Well, I just shot a my first flashlight stage with WST, and it seems way smokier then I remember Titegroup being. I had to slow my cadence to see what was going on, and the smoke definitely hindered me. I don't recall that ever being the case with TG.

In my experience, TG is definitely "dirtier" in the gun then WST, but it seems WST is smokier in low-light/no-light. Since I don't have any TG loads left, I can't compare side-by-side to verify.

Anyone have thoughts/experience with this?


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On stages with flashlights, I found that the LED difuse the light much more than the incandescents.

So if I have a choice I always use my regular bulb Surefire G2 and not my LED.

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