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Elmer Keith Estate Auction

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More than 140 pieces of the Elmer Keith estate collection will be sold by James D. Julia auction house, March 13 ~ 15, 2015. Never heard of Elmer Keith? Google the name :)

Elmer's career, and life, came to end just about the time I was really getting into shooting. I consider him a great writer, and will stop mid-stream to read his words. Anyhow, his gun collection is amazing! Visit jamesdjulia.com for a look-see.

Oh, and please do not bid against me on his 1877 Sharps Long Range 45-120! Yeah, right . . . I probably couldn't even scrape up enough cash to make the opening bid :blush:

If you would like to see what his guns sold for, after the auction, visit gunsandammo.com/elmer-keith-auction.

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