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Red Dot for 357?


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I have a fair amount of Red Dot Powder. I was told and read that Red Dot was too fast a powder to use for .357 Magnum except for custom light loads (38 spl velocities). I was looking at a "Alliant Powder Reloaders Guide 2013". The burn rate listing shows Bullseye as the fastest powder that they have (faster than Red Dot). Then I saw the.357 Magnum load data in the same book and they list Bullseye as a powder option. Bullseye shows 939 FPS. Not a high velocity for a 357 Mag load though. So you can use Red Dot but should not? Because? Hard on brass? Too high pressure?

I wanted to get the opinions and advice from the Pros here, so tell me what you think.....thanks Cmax :bow::huh:

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