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Running two matches- update one match lose scores on the other.


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Help... Running Mac version 1.653 on ipads and ipad minis.

Our club shot a pistol match and a rifle side match. When I sync the pads to the master iPad the results are fine. When I sync the rifle match results are also fine, but if i go back to the pistol match... several scores are missing. I have to go back and sync the ipad with the stage ipads...picking up additional scores, then the results are back to what they were before... and to really drive you nuts... now the rifle match is missing several shooter's scores, who reappear if the ipads are once more synced.

I'm worried about posting our rifle results to the practiscore website because it might alter the pistol match that I have posted.

Any ideas?

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This almost appears to be that they are identical match unique ids - so stemming from the same creation of a match, but with different scores in them. How was each created?

Any time you create a match it gets a new unique id. That id is used when synching, or when posting results, to know what match to synch into (or post over).

And Eugene is right - sending the match export from the sync page for both matches will be the best way to get a quick answer/resolution.


Ken N.

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