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650XL powder check drawing powder out of case

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9mm. Didn't have this problem with Bullseye. Just switched to W231.

Cycle machine to top and as it drops, powder is drawn out onto the shell plate. It is a mess after 20-30 cycles. If I take the powder check gauge rod out of the die, there is no powder spill. Slow and steady pace. Rotation of the shell plate does not "snap" when it engages the detent ball. This spill actual occurs on the way down before the shell plate has moved very much toward the next station. (There is no bind as the case leaves the belling at station 2 (powder drop))

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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i feel like i got my shear of major f*#k up's during reloading, whould never ditch the added security of the powder check.

+1. I am too new to give up on this safety measure.

no case feeder, no bullet feeder. Only run 1000 per month total between 3 calibers.

Running the large primer 10mm right now and Power Pistol does not fling out of the case. Need to get back to the 9mm this week and will try the alcohol and dryer sheet combo to see if it helps. Will post results. Thanks everyone.

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If the powder check were a critical safety feature, it wouldn't cost extra. I used mine for the first year. After only nuisance beeps, and never an actual wrong powder throw, I've now gone nine years with it collecting dust in the box.

I got the 650 for auto-indexing, which in itself is the best preventive measure against double-charges.

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