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Hello from Colorado's Front Range


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Hi from Frederick, CO. Been lurking for a while, and didn't realize I never posted here. Love this forum and will try to get more involved. I am an experienced shooter, but fairly new to reloading. biggest problem is too many hobbies and working every other weekend, and haven't devoted enough time to shooting the last few years. Have shot some IDPA, and would like to try 3-gun an USPSA sometime. Not really a hard core competition guy, but I enjoy it.

I have been shooting most of my life, and am a former Air force Security Police (TSgt), as well as former civilian police officer (Shreveport, LA). But I got out of that and have been a pharmacist for 23 years. I am an NRA RSO, as well as instructor with multiple ratings including pistol, shotgun, rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home, although I haven't taught lately due to time and lack of a good close facility to teach at. I am also a newly certified glock armorer. I shoot primarily glocks, (17, 22, 23, 27, 34 x2, 35, and 42) and M&P's (original and Shield) on the pistol side, but I do have a fondness for 1911's and have a Les Baer custom. Occasionally I pull out the wheel guns. On the rifle side, mostly Ar's and .22's.

I believe training with someone more knowledgeable than yourself is important no matter how long you have been doing something. Just got back from my third trip to train with Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch. Love that man, but that is a whole post in itself. Look forward to making new friends and gaining more knowledge here.

Yes, I know this was too wordy, but I figure the only people reading this section are moderators and people wanting to get to know new members, so what the hell.


Chuck Lucas

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I, for one, and I'm sure others on this forum, are, or could be, envious of your training and background. Everyone with an interest in firearms, could benefit greatly with a little more knowledge of firearms and their place in the '21st' century and I believe this is some of your goal. Continue your good work.

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