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Any Glock Collectors/Experts able to identify this?


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My Google-Fu has failed me thus far.

I can't figure out this supposedly factory Glock barrel/slide combo, it's like a sight tracker without the benefit of a sight tracker. Why?

It doesn't look like the KKM/Caspian/AroTek ported barrel slide combos, and the barrel has the factory Glock stamp and the serial number matches the slide. The whole idea plus the little bit of black left on the front lip of the barrel hood next to "Auto" makes me think it isn't factory, but who does this porting?



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Back when Wil Schuemann was getting his start (late-80s/early-90s), he marketed a Hybrid Rib. You took his rib and welded it onto your barrel, then drilled out the bottom of his cone-shaped ports into the bore.

Back then, if you were 30th A at the USPSA Nationals (and probably every other placing in every other class), you got a rib in a bag. I gave mine away to a 45 shooter who still owns the gun that he installed it on.

The above-pictured gun appears to be a modified Schuemann Hybrid. The rib appears to be cut down so that it doesn't stick out of that cutout and doesn't require a narrow channel to be cut where the front sight is located to clear the rib during cycling.

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