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Comp tuning or something else?


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Last year I shot an off the shelf rifle and did fairly well in the matches we attended. This year I started down the upgrade path (with many thanks to Mark @ Carbon Arms and Tim @ Taccom for all their input) and am liking where I am so far ... but .... I know I can make this better, and thats where you guys (with more experience) come in.

I am running an 18" Nordic barrel w SLR gas block and handguard, VDI Low Mass carrier and Taccom ALW buffer. The gun is SMOOTH and very accurate but today while starting to zero @ 100yds in lovely sub-zero temps I noticed that when I am shooting standing/unsupported at that distance my rifle is recoiling up and to the right (as most do) with the reticle basically going to the edge of a 12" circle. This is seen at 4x magnification on the optic.

The comp I am running is what I carried over from last years gun:


I backed it off a bit so those top ports were past 12 by a little but not quite close to the 1 o'clock position. I couldn't feel my fingers and they were starting to hurt bad from the cold so the trip was cut short.

Knowing this is basically an "unknown" comp on the market I am hoping for the best but was wondering if I should keep trying to time it over, pull the Miculek I have sitting on another rifle that's not setup yet and see where that gets me, or is there something else to try - or is this as good as I'm gonna get and should go try some standing doubles at 50 to see if I can hold an A zone?

Thanks in advance!

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I was at this same point not too long ago. I bought all the go fast parts and played with comp tuning a bit, and while all these things are good and make life easier, the fix to my problem was not mechanical. Its all in technique for me. The rifle will always travel in the direction of least resistance and it's up to you to mitigate that, no amount of goodies can completely solve the issue. I prove that to myself every time I get sloppy with my shooting and sure enough, my previously neutral recoiling rifle starts tracking up and to the right. Just my thoughts on the subject.

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Snap shooting at 7yds. Low ready, snap to mount and shoot one. Do it over and over until you can do it with eyes closed. You will not see the hits on IPSC target. But you should check and see they are all in A. high or low. Standing at 50 should be on autopilot. Snap it up two hits. Maybe your stance should be a little wider, maybe a little more bladed. If you zero your rifle, you should be able to stand and hit a gong at 200, bing bing. Aim a little low at 200, a little high at 300. For 400 you need to know the drop and hold off. More than that kind of depends. Chrono the ammo and run a ballistics program. AE 223 can be real variable. It I was shooting in Texas, might choose a little more consistent, accurate ammo.

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