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Liberty Lube - anyone tried it yet?


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After watching this video I must say was pretty impressed,


Here in VT all-weather lube is an absolute must, I just watched one guys gun completely freeze up at the last match due to frog lube, which is absolutely not a choice when it is below freezing.

I've been using FP-10 as per my buddies suggestion and do like it a lot, but when it is hot out it will run, so I'll be switching lubricants depending on the season.

This looks like it might truly be an all year round application,

Anyone out there have any experience with it? Searching this forum literally came up with zero results for "liberty lube"

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it looks like it is a really new product, less than a year old. Not much stuff about it on the internet at all except for the videos done by Shooterist and the Liberty Lube people themselves.

One always questions videos/promotions done by the very people who make the product, but if that stuff really WAS brought down to sub -32F and still flowed easily outta the bottle that is pretty impressive.

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