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Bayou 9mm load data with Chrono and Accuracy Info. Enjoy


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Any new members of BE probably won't realize that RR in Darrell's

notes mean that those shots were fired with a Ransom Rest - The

Best Way to measure accuracy of a load. :bow:

Everyone has their own way of measuring accuracy, from firing a

one-shot group, to a 3 or 5 shot group - some eliminate the worst

two of five to get their accuracy group - all highly debatable techniques.

RR is The Definitive Answer to accuracy measurement, IMHO. :cheers:

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I was impressed by the performance of the 105's. I would like to try some for SC shooting, but have had my doubts about accuracy and such. But, these results look pretty good. Also, have WST, so that makes it all the more interesting.

Thanks for the data you have shared.

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Here is some more data that I just took, with various amounts of Power Pistol out of a SP-01 Shadow. I had the same problem with the 135gr RN where they tended to be really thick and would not pass the plunk test unless seated very low (and some needed crimping to seat well too).


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This data has been gathered over the years, I have a spreadsheet I created and I update it everytime I do new test. I sort out what people are looking for and create a pdf so no one modifies my spreadsheet. I have some new test to do with my new accu shadow. Got several boxes of factory plus my hand loads. This will see what the accu-shadow can do. All will be shot from the ransom rest and to stay consistent with the magazine writers I will make it an average of 3 5 shot groups at 25 yds.

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