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38 super mag tubes


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You have something special. They are mags tuned by HSmith.

I would argue that point.

No problem. Just my opinion.

I have an SV tube that I had Howard tune and I bought another SV from another member here. They have the same very high polish and the same etch font.

Adrian (MBX) polished his tubes (prior to the new MBX mags) about the same as Howard but the ones I have aren't etched. Not sure if he ever etched them or not.

No problem here either. I bought 3 SVI mags from Howard before he disappeared. They sure were shiny. When I measured the feed lips, they were all over the place.

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It's probably easiest to assume you have something special. How special time will tell. stock mags are not like that so someone paid to have that done. The plus will be if they had been tuned at the same time. Good luck.

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