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Match Management for Clubs with multiple disciplines.

Ty Hamby

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First, Thanks you to all the volunteers who work on practiscore to make our lives easier.

Our club has just began to use the Match Management portion of practiscore. Our club meets every Sunday and we hold a different discipline each month. USPSA, ICORE, IDPA, and NSSF Rimfire are held each weekend. We have had great success using practiscore for each discipline to score these events.

We have recently began requiring online signups and payments (via Stripe). Currently we only have one Club Account with Practiscore. This account allows each MD to setup each of their Match events, registration templates, squadding schemes, and approval processes.

Is having 4 separate Club Match Management accounts a better solution? Should we just treat each discipline as a different club even though there is only one bank account for all disciplines? Is it even possible to have "separate clubs" sharing the same Stripe Keys?.

Your help in road mapping a efficient plan would help.

FYI, Our club has scoring devices for each discipline. Each MD shows up Sunday morning with tablets and router in hand. Each MD is responsible for the scoring at their event. In the past we have been manually inputting registration data on match day but would like to eliminate that, utilizing stripes online signups. We would then at the range only handle an occasional late walk-up.

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The PS online roadmap may help here. We are about to introduce a more Facebook type of account management, where you can manage multiple clubs or matches from one login. So everybody gets a personal login. And then they can make clubs or matches. The creator of the club, or the match, can invite people to have roles, like Registrar, MD or Club Leaders. The model will be Club, Match, Shooter, Vendor, each having pages they can manage and software modules supporting what they do. You can follow clubs, manage clubs, follow matches, register for matches, be a shooter (and your matches and scores will follow you). You can set notifications to be by email when something you follow has a change (each one or a daily digest), or just login and see them.

Looks like this will come out in March in it's 1.0 version. Perhaps set back a bit by time taken by our DDOS response.

btw: It is very possible to re-use the Stripe keys. They don't care.

Ken N.

Edited by Ken N.
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Thanks you a bunch. That new format plan sounds great. I am the webmaster for our club. This new roadmap looks to help tremendously. For now I will continue to manage it for all disciplines and wait until this new format rolls out.

No need to change formats this month and then change again next month. Thanks for the info... Cant wait.


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