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They Are Coming to Arrest You

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At least, that's what the latest scammers will say when they call. They say you owe back taxes and if you don't give them a credit card number, a federal agent is coming to your house to arrest you.

As a public service, I hope you will keep the fool on the line and waste as much of his time as possible because that's time he isn't calling somebody else.

You should act very scared and give him a credit card number..... of course, make sure it's a FAKE number and a fake name. He won't know your name because they use a high speed auto dialer that just rips through random phone numbers and one of their scammers intercepts the call as they come up.

So give him fake info and then when the credit card number comes up invalid say:

"I don't under stand, I have the card right here."

Of course, you still want to pay them so tell them you will get a cashier's check if they will give you an address where to send it.....

Anyway, be creative and do everything you can to drive the guy nuts.

BTW: these guys leave a "callback" phone number for you that has a local area code to try to make you think they are local but it goes through a router over to India. The fun thing is that means you can keep calling them back..... which I did several times.

I kept calling and each time I would tell the guy:

"There must be a problem with your phone, we keep getting disconnected..."

Eventually the guy screamed into the phone:


Well, that wasn't very nice of him......

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For all us who don't have a land-line, I was so happy when I found out my iphone could "block this number." I had been getting automated calls daily at dinner time from some bank I never heard of.

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I have a landline (which supports my DSL connection) and a cell phone. I never use the landline for anything any more and it's simply connected to an answering machine. But I've been getting scam calls just like anyone else . . . but I quit answering them long ago. And this week I turned off the ringer on the landline so I never even hear it ring. The bogus calls go to answering machine and they usually hang up in seconds. Over and over again, day after day. At least I don't have to hear the ringer. If a REAL person that I know that calls me, they'll leave a message and I'll return the call. But the only number I give out to anyone any more is my cell. Period. The landline is simply the DSL connection and a message taker for those who don't have my cell yet (and they're few and far between by now). The phony survey takers, the sales calls, and the phony IRS can just stay in limbo until they eventually give up. [There's been a lot on the evening news about the IRS callers.]

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Robo calls are the worse because it's tough to actually get to a live person. If you can then here are some fun things you can do.

1. Act interested. About a minute into the call yell, "Shut up Alice, I'm on the phone." After a minute more of being interested yell, "Alice, if you don't shut up I'm going to come in there and beat the s*t out of you like I did last week." They will usually hang up about then.

2. Ask them what they are wearing.

3. Ask them if they know about Scientology.

4. Start making choking noises and gasp for them to call 911

5. If you are in a hurry, just tell them that the person they are calling died last night and you are really offended that they would call at a time like this.

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It is fun for us since the phone is in my wife's maiden name. When some one greets me with Mr. XXXXXXX, I just say that there is no one here with that name. :devil:

What's really funny is having a name like Laborde..... because a lot of those bozos call up and ask to speak to Mr. LABRADOR.......

I just say: WOOF!

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"Thank god you called, they have made contact and our supplies are low. I've been awaiting further instruction and have tracked their progress. Per protocol one delta one zero T, I'm hanging up".

That's how you deal with the phone calls.

Did any one catch the protocol?

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Now we've got LOCAL asshats calling people here, claiming they're from the whichever local police department/sheriff's office, with the same gimme-your-money-or-you're-going-to-jail crap. Cripes. They oughta know better by now. Thankfully there's been a lot of media publicity about it, so it'll probably stop sooner rather than later. And sometimes our cop shops actually CATCH the jerks who do this. And that's a cool moment when it happens.

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You mean someone is going to come over and take me to a bad motel where the food is horrible and the hosts are vile, AND its run by the county? Now if that was the actual threat? I'd be REALLY scared :surprise:

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