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Pistol powder use in .223?


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Really? Is this a troll?

Pistol powder and rifle ammo do not belong in the same room together. There may be some VERY limited uses for pistol powder and rifle ammo, but not at all in a normal sense. It will blow up the rifle and cause great bodily harm to the trigger puller...Don't believe me?'call Sierra Bullets and ask Mr Pilant what happens...

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Are any of these acceptable to use in a 16" bbl .223 AR platform?

Not only NO...............BUT HELL NO!!!!!!!!! That's for someone who can't find a bridge to jump off of! What RiggerJJ said is on the money. :surprise:


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Hodgdon lists data for TiteGroup to make subsonic rounds. Here is the load straight from their website.

MFG: Hodgdon

Powder: Titegroup

Bullet Diam.: .224"

C.O.L.: 2.200"

Starting Load:

None listed

Maximum Loads

Grs: 3.1
Velocity: 1,064
Pressure: 4,000 CUP

Keep in mind this will almost certainly not cycle an AR

ETA: Bullet is 55 GR. HDY FMJ

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What I have seen a few people do with pistol powder in .223 is for short barrel loads using heavy bullets, like 77 grain. Lyman's reloading manuals list loads for the Thompson Contender to the same tune. Basically you treat it like .300 Blackout, and the people I know who are doing it are using it for suppressed SBR's, where they want to lose as little velocity as possible vs. standard loads (which by comparison suck in 10" 5.56 barrels) and burn all the powder to make them as quiet as possible with the can on. The charges are very moderate, like half or less than what you'd use of a rifle powder, and are magnum pistol powders like Lil Gun, H110, and 2400, which are slower than standard pistol powders but much, much faster than rifle powders--NOT the ones you listed.

However, as others have stated, this is VERY specialized, VERY VERY specific, and comparatively NOT considered the normal thus warrants EXTRA CAUTION.

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As johnsons pointed out you can use some pistol powders for REDUCED loads (often used with cast bullets), but don't jack around and bump up the powder charge to try to make them more powerful.

Before you load any rifle round with pistol powders I'd suggest you read this thread...twice.


Thanks for the link to that thread. Good read which opened my eyes. I have never loaded rifle, only hand guns so I am doing my research now. It will be months before I dip my toe in the rifle arena.

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